Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bad Day On The Bench For Judge Rangos = Great Day For Lethally Negligent Gun Nut

Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Jill Rangos had a bad day at the office today.

Michael Lanese -- who asked his nine-year-old twins to clean his guns without supervision after he attended a gun show with them, then fled the country after one child blew the other's brains out -- was before Judge Rangos for sentencing after police arrested him in Vietnam.

Judge Rangos sent Mr. Lanese home this afternoon, "time served," after observing:

"The damage here is done and it's not repairable."

That description covers merely 99 percent of criminal prosecutions and defendants (100 percent of homicides). Unless Judge Rangos has a soft spot for lethally negligent gun nuts with a lengthy reported history of poor parenting, today's decision is inexplicable.

Judge Rangos, never among the county's better judges, should not count today among her better on the bench.

A similar courtroom performance:

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Anonymous said...

You don't understand. The defendant is white, most likely upper middle class, and from Upper St. Clair. Leniency must be shown.