Friday, July 16, 2010

News From The Inbreeding Desk: Datelines McKeesport and Charleston, West Virginia

McKeesport's school directors apparently have concluded that their district is excellent, and that the best way to maintain that excellence is to begin continue a program of inbreeding.

The synergistic effects of Dan Onorato's regressive assessments and the school directors' inbreeding system produce two obvious Infinonytips for McKeesport residents:
1) Move.
2) Now.

UPDATE: Breaking news from the Inbreeding Desk: West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin reportedly has overcome the instinct to appoint his daughter -- creative resumeist Heather Bresch -- to the United States Senate, instead choosing his 36-year-old former mouthpiece, Carte Goodwin.


Anonymous said...

1.) Move
2.) Now


Just don't tell them to move to the district due west of them (Duquesne).

I wouldn't want to live in McKeesport, either. White Oak, on the other hand (East Allegheny), nah, just head straight to Irwin and send your kids to Norwin.

Infy-- somedays, you really crack me up!

A TIGER said...

What do you think you know about McKeesport or this man our new principal? Have you even met him? We already know the answer it is no but that doesn't stop you from making an opinion about his professional career?

Its easy to make Smart Alex cracks but, until you know McKeesport and the people involved you should keep your cracks to yourself. Maybe a lawsuit about a man's profession would show you how to act. Plus who are you to tell people to move? We DO NOT need your help.

MH said...

There once was a tiger from McKeesport.
He threatened lawsuits as his sport.
He said with a grin,
as he hired his kin,
"If I were bright, I'd have a retort."

Infinonymous said...

Hey, Tiger

It was presumptuous to offer one-flavor-suits-everyone advice, so here is an amendment:

You should stay.

PK said...

Nepotism, thy name is McKeesport. And as someone who used to live in the South Allegheny School District and saw those problems first-hand from across the river, as well as those caused by Patrick Risha in SA, WM, etc., it's party politics a la Allegheny County, writ small.

Tiger, you might need to read an old story called "The Emperor's New Clothes."

And, as Infy wrote, please stay. And do reference the Pottery Barn Rule, sec. 1., par. 1.