Monday, July 26, 2010

Could InsolvenCity Be Serious About Addressing The City's Youth-Related Crime Problems?

It is unlikely Joanna Doven would recognize the irony in her comments concerning a local crime-prevention initiative "reaching out to young people who want to change their path," but she could come up with the name of one 30-year-old Pittsburgher -- currently being investigated by federal law enforcement officials, and therefore a natural candidate to be steered "in a positive and progressive direction" -- without letting her thoughts stray too far from her office.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Well, alright Hoss:

1) Do you mean the City, or do you really mean "one 30-year-old Pittsburgher"?

2) Did you really mean "currently"?

3) Do you need to avail yourself of this?

Because otherwise, this is a little ... well, it's been done.

Infinonymous said...

It seemed sensible to give the P-G (is the Trib even trying?) a bit of cushion on the chance it was preparing an enterprise report, but a more-than-reasonable period has passed since the FBI began to interview lawyers, elected officials and others somewhat openly.

If news that federal agents have been questioning politicians, lawyers and others along Grant Street -- so far, the guest list seems to have consisted of critics and outsiders, rather than targets -- concerning city scandals has "been done," it was somewhat easy to miss.