Saturday, July 17, 2010

In This Jurisdiction, The Best Defense Is A Good . . . Relationship With The Right People

No disrepect intended toward Robert Del Greco, but the combined efforts of local police and a local judge (no indication yet of whether a phone call was involved) have produced a remarkably pleasant criminal justice experience for a well-connected local man, an outcome even more striking for occurrence in the courtroom of Jeffrey Manning, commonly perceived to be unsympathetic toward defendants.

(Of course, it isn't the first time. Or the second. Or the third. Or . . .)

Infinonytune: It Wasn't Me, George Thorogood / Delaware Destroyers
Infinonytune: Cocaine Blues, George Thorogood / Delaware Destroyers
Infinonytune: I'm Wanted, George Thorogood / Delaware Destroyers
Infinonytune: Wanted Man, George Thorogood / Delaware Destroyers


MH said...

I read the article, and not that I'm not worried that they won't just start knocking over convenience stores or something, but it looked like the kind of confession that judges pretty much have to throw out. (Note: I'm not a lawyer, but I know that it doesn't take a very strict interpration of Miranda to toss that since the officer started asking him to congress.)

Infinonymous said...

Regardless of who in the local law enforcement community did or did not do what, for whatever reason it was done or not done, the results seems to be an unusually if not inexplicably favorable criminal justice experience for yet another well-connected young man.

ASIDE: There is no publicized evidence cocaine had any involvement in this case. The Infinonytune "Cocaine Blues" was chosen because, and only because, (a) it provides a vivid depiction of how non-connected defendants fare in the criminal justice system, (b) it fit the George Thorogood theme and (c) it is a damn good tune that more people should have a chance to hear.