Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 12-Kids-Still-Stuck-In-Orphanage Angle Is Apparently Less Newsworthy Than 'Pittsburghers Save Haitian Earthquake Orphans ' Story Was

Reporting news that local newspapers seem unwilling or unable to cover, the Associated Press today revisits the unsettled lives of a dozen Haitian children still living in a local institution six months after being transported to Pittsburgh -- in sketchy circumstances that have created a problem for the United States Department of State -- in the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake. (Early Returns mentions the AP report.)

If any local newsgatherer wishes to begin to cover this story, it might check whether religious discrimination tainted screening of prospective adoptive parents; whether any false declarations were made in attempting to arrange clearance to depart Haiti; or whether Haitian authorities have threatened criminal charges.

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Just Wondrin' said...

Why all the raggin' on the Post Gazette? Spell your name wrong or something?

Oh, and the Churchers are gonna rip you a new one any time now, assuming any one over there actually reads your blog.

Anonymous said...

The P.G. is the rag! Infi is correct, what they choose not to run say's a lot. The politics of the paper, Beltway Dave's liberal slant, his loathing for local news coverage is elitist. He fancies himself New York Times material and with that attitude the P.G. will continue to hemmerage readers.