Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Boy Mayor's Off-The-Hook Jab At Dr. Dowd

I am reliably informed that Luke Ravenstahl refused to accept Patrick Dowd's concession call on Tuesday evening. I plan to address at another time the practical issues associated with the confluence of an uncompliant supermajority on council and the ineptitude of the mayor and his staff, but here are two preliminary points:

(1) no class

(2) Dr. Dowd seems to be better positioned to be a thorn to Mr. Ravenstahl than vice versa.

In other words, this was about as smart as provoking a police officer at Heinz Field on gameday.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Since Coghill lost the mayor has a council that is not on his side.

This is going to be fun. Real fun.

Anonymous said...

but the mayor said the new council people "will fall in line" guess that means, if you want anything done in your district, ie; houses torn down, poor streets addressed, as a council person, you WILL fall in line. Maybe we should ask Doug Shields what "fall in line" means?