Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pitt Football Interviews Pulling Double Duty As Research On The Definition Of Insanity?

A bizarre report concerning the Pitt football coaching search from today's Post-Gazette:
A third candidate, Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell, who was made interim coach after the forced resignation of former coach Jim Tressel, interviewed for the job but Chryst made a good impression with a strong interview.

Who was impressed? The three administrators who signed Dave Wannstedt to an extension, then fired him less than a year later? The proven losers who arranged the Michael Haywood era? The Three Stooges who were impressed by Todd Graham's interview? The guys who chose Keith "This Infytune's For You" Patterson as interim coach?

If Steve Pederson does not depart before another football coach is introduced (or before Khem Birch returns to campus, whichever occurs first), Pitt's trustees should stop indulging Mark Nordenberg's desire to limp to the capstone of the current capital campaign.

Instead, however, those trustees will enable Steve Pederson, Jerry Cochran, and Mark Nordenberg to treat Pitt fans to a double feature: "Back To The Future" -- Parts I and II. (Perhaps the Pitt band could develop a special musical presentation for intermission.)

Infytune: By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Glen Campbell
Infytune: Galveston, Glen Campbell
Infytune: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Southern Nights, Glen Campbell


Jesus H. said...

Guess it's a done deal. Here's the first line of Chryst's Wikipedia page: "Paul Chryst (born November 17, 1965) is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head coach at the University of Pittsburgh."

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that once the Jesus freak left town that Pitt interviewed a guy name CHRISTobal then hired a guy named CHRYST? Looking for divine intervention perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I think I figured this out. It explains the preoccupation with college football (Pitt and before that Penn State). It explains the shutdown on political posts. It explains the hating on Nordenberg and Peterson. It even explains the photo from inside the plane to AZ and the story about Penni Graham tussling with Peterson.

Infynonymous is Todd Graham! Before you laugh, I mean a self loathing Todd Graham - who by the way was spending so much time on local politics it explains why he was such a shitty coach.

Either that or Infy was someone from the Onorato administration who is busy cleaning out his desk. Pretty sure it is one of the two

Shawn Carter said...


Do you really think it would have benefitted Pitt to hire a guy whose last name is homophonic with his would-have-been predecessor's behavior pattern?


Anonymous said...

I heard Councilman Doug Shields is being considered for the head coaching job! Sources at Pitt say that he brings the kind of attitude the Panther Program is looking for. Strong Defense and a smart offensive pl;aymaker.