Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Wagering Lines: InsolvenCity Council Presidency And Finance Committee Chair

The initial line on InsolvenCity's city council presidency:
(1) Darlene Harris: 4-1
(2)Theresa Kail Smith: 40-1
(3) Bruce Kraus: 3-1
(4) Natalia Rudiak: 7-2
(5) Corey O'Connor: 12-1
(6) Danielle Lavelle: 40-1
(7) Patrick Dowd: 40-1
(8) Bill Peduto: 25-1
(9) Ricky Burgess: 40-1
Lukefecta (2, 6, 9 vote together): 1-3
The initial line on InsolvenCity council's finance chair:
(1) Darlene Harris 3-1
(2) Theresa Kail Smith: 40-1
(3) Bruce Kraus: 4-1
(4) Natalia Rudiak: 5-2
(5) Corey O'Connor: 25-1
(6) Danielle Lavelle: 40-1
(7) Patrick Dowd: 40-1
(8) Bill Peduto: 8-1
(9) Ricky Burgess: 40-1
Daily Double (1, 3 in either order): 7-2
Infytune: All The King's Horses, The Monkees


In the know said...

you seriously want us to believe that Harris, Kraus, Rudiak will be the power center on council?? hope you get a clue for Christmas

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Corey can count to five?

Anonymous said...

Corey as council president. Yes. I hear he's good at bringing people together, and anyway, we're about due for a more mature mayor.

Infinonymous said...

The lines identify O'Connor as the fourth-likeliest council president, the fifth-likeliest council finance chair. Unless there is a persuasive reason to rank O'Connor higher, the discussion should focus on Harris, Kraus, and Rudiak.

Not necessarily in that order.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what Doug will be doing in Jan?