Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Number Of Questions

This photograph, circulated by Todd and Penni Graham as they flew to Arizona to swindle Arizona State University's top administrators, prompts several interesting questions:
1) Todd Graham was contractually obligated to the University of Pittsburgh when he obtained the maroon-and-gold necktie and when he distributed this photograph. Is this guy being advised by the lawyer who sent Jerry Sandusky into the Bob Costas interview?
2) Todd and Penni Graham circulated this photograph before some Pitt players had been informed that their faith-commitment-and-integrity coach had abandoned them like a snake impersonating a weasel. Would Pitt players be charged or congratulated for spitting on Graham if their former coach makes good on his pledge to return to Pittsburgh for a final meeting with those players?
3) Which one of these two sanctimonious God Squadders was hitting the Bud at 8 a.m.?
Infytune: Back Stabbers, The O'Jays
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Anonymous said...

And he's got the remote in his fingers, taking the picture himself. Just a big FU to Pittsburgh. I am PRAYING that Pitt takes legal action.

Shawn Carter said...

I thought that was a can of Budweiser!!! LOL. But I said, "nah, can't be!"

I was beginning to worry that you found an untimely demise. Glad to see you!