Friday, December 30, 2011

Adjusted Odds On Tuesday's Voting For InsolvenCity Council President, Finance Chair

A series of recent developments -- including a telling vote, a few hushed assignations, and at least one inchoate backstabbing along a fifth-floor hallway at the City-County Building -- incline adjustment of the no-longer-early betting lines for InsolvenCity's council presidency and finance chair, and we have reached the point at which favorites are published in bold type (with former odds in parentheses):
Council president
(1) Darlene Harris: 2-3 (4-1)
(2) Theresa Kail Smith: 40-1
(3) Bruce Kraus: 8-1 (3-1)
(4) Natalia Rudiak: 15-1 (7-2)
(5) Corey O'Connor: 5-1 (12-1)
(6) Daniel Lavelle: 40-1
(7) Patrick Dowd: 99-1 (40-1)
(8) Bill Peduto: 15-1 (25-1)
(9) Ricky Burgess: 40-1
Lukefecta (2, 6, 9 vote together): 1-8 (1-3)

Council finance chair
(1) Darlene Harris 40-1 (3-1)
(2) Theresa Kail Smith: 40-1
(3) Bruce Kraus: 15-1 (4-1)
(4) Natalia Rudiak: 15-1 (5-2)
(5) Corey O'Connor: 25-1
(6) Daniel Lavelle: 40-1
(7) Patrick Dowd: 2-1 (40-1)
(8) Bill Peduto: 10-1 (8-1)
(9) Ricky Burgess: 40-1
Daily Double (1, 3 in either order): 25-1 (7-2)

Infytune: Waiting On The World To Change, John Mayer
Infytune: This Time It's For Real, Southside Johnny, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Little Steven Van Zandt (that makes four, for those who are counting)
Infytune: Five Jive, Elmo


Formerly Fifth Floor said...

Not sure who feeds you this stuff but, if you say its Darlene II, I'll buy it, even tho I think the majority is busted, and hard to figure the mayor's flunkies flopping for Harris, so where does she get the votes????

Anonymous said...

if this is right council president just got even more irrelevant and finance will be full time professorial pontificating and nothing gets done

and luke comes out of this with dad's credit card for his spending spree, right Infy?

Anonymous said...

Who back stabbed who and what's with Partick Dowd? He seems cagier then ever.

Anonymous said...

Zing, this is huge! Everyone gets what they need and the Council plunks for centrist opposition. This will drag the featured trifecta perceptibly over to the realm of empirical reason.

not so fast said...

go easy on the end zone dance until Tuesday morning especially if the big scoop is the mayor throwing in with Darlene Harris, everybody knows the mayor HATES Harris, its not just politics its really truly personal

Anonymous said...

Throwing in or throwing down?

Anonymous said...

What is Insolvencity? A kind of diss at Pittsburgh or something? Probably by someone from the suburbs who could just stay the hell out of our businses

Anonymous said...


I wasn't aware that Lavelle went transgender on us.

"Danielle"? Twice?

Anonymous said...

The mayor, throw in with Harris, what?

That public works mongering, salary inflating, pension busting, erratic irresponsible dope?

The mayor throwing in with any Harris is insane at this point. He'll have to hope Dowd behaves responsibly and in the interest of the city as Finance Chair, haha.

Anonymous said...

just. ugh.

Infinonymous said...

Anonymous 4:31:

Good catch. The inexplicable has been corrected. (The duplication occurred consequent to the "copy" function.)

Thank you.

Infinonymous said...

Anonymous 2:16:

Would you prefer BankrupCity? It was a toss-up from inception.

Infinonymous said...

Anonymous 6:00

If "cagier" means "more inscrutable, less reliable, and more dysfunctional," agreed.

Pigs are flying above Grant St said...

Can't believe it but it looks like this is right, the flunkies have their orders to vote for Darlene Harris so Dowd selling his soul for something like finance sounds about right. Anybody else hearing anything?

Anonymous said...

Pigs on Grant:

Would those be the flunkies who put her in as President in 2010?

Anonymous said...

Hey Infy, was kinda hoping more frequent posting was a New Years Resolution, so far nothing for the whole year

Just sayin said...

For Christsakes, Infy had council president and finance (assuming it is Harris & Dowd read that anywhere else? No you wanna bitch about posting more. You ask the PG or Trib why they havent covered this yet? which the answer is because PG too busy sucking up to Onorato. No you are just bitching at Infy. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone else cover city government? The PG wants to be the NYT. It's beneath them to cover local news. The Trib does a better job. Do you get the sense that Lukie is softening along with Doven or are they just working the backrooms better? Not as much bitchslapping going on publicly. Infy, What is happening in the hallways on the fifth floor? I don't get it. Could you please spell it out a little better for me? Also, what's young Corey gonna be like? Has he thrown in with anyone yet or playing hard to get?

Infinonymous said...

It is probably better that the account of these events be provided after tomorrow's meeting, in the autopsy report.

The Propositions Board is now closed for these lines, and NO additional wagers will be accepted EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY except at 2-1 on any result other than Harris for president, Dowd for finance chair, and all three of the Lukesters (Burgess, Smith, Lavelle) vote for Harris.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Gimme 5 shekels at 2-1 on Burgess or Lavelle either voting for someone else or abstaining.

Anonymous said...

My prediction:

President: Harris
Finance: Burgess

Vincini said...

Aha, but what if you WANT us to believe Burgess is going to be finance chair, so as to get Dowd to vote for Smith? But then again, what if you WANT Harris to believe Dowd will vote for Smith, so that Harris makes Rudiak finance chair? But WAIT! What if you WANT people to THINK Harris is going to pick Rudiak as finance chair, so that O'Connor votes for Kraus? YOU'VE COMMITTED ONE OF THE CLASSIC BLUNDERS!

Infinonymous said...

If history provides a single lesson, it is that nothing is sure until the votes are recorded. Also, the apparent lineups seem incredible. But if anything changed today, it was kept well hidden.

No more wagers of any kind accepted, but the fiver on Lavelle or Burgess to do something other than vote for Harris is booked.
You can pay off by publishing something of our choice at The Comet, Bram. We'll try to think of something while Burgess, Lavelle, and Smith are voting in unison for Darlene Harris.

Anonymous said...

Burgess, Lavelle and Smith are the 3 dullards on Council and if they get any positions of real consequence we're more doomed then we are already!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:51 AM:

So, in your alternate reality, it is "improper" for Burgess, Lavelle and Smith to vote together, but supremely acceptable for Kraus, Peduto and Rudiak to vote together?

Sounds like you chased down that hypocrisy biscuit with a tall glass of Haterade, and so early in the morning...

Anonymous said...

WTF, that must have been some rift last week! What was it Infi??? It turned council on it's head. Just what did Darlene get to go to the dark side?
One immediate observation "this glue won't last"

Maria said...

And, Burgess as Finance Chair?

What a depressing morning...

Anonymous said...

The Rev "dripping in gold" Burgess as Finance head is the ultimate slap in the face to this whole circle jerk. The city just handed our money over to the poverty pimps.
I'm disgusted. We've been CDGB'd!

Anonymous said...

I don't post often here but when I did at 8:16 PM last night I knew what I was talking about. I'll just refer to myself at 8:16 PM from now on so when I speak people will know that I'm right.