Friday, May 20, 2011

Donald Barden's Death Removes First (Or Is It Sixteenth?) Name From The List-Makers' List

So far as we are aware, Don Barden (left) is the first member of the List-Makers' List to depart the list by death.

Official story: "brain cancer." We'll buy that explanation when it is conclusively established that the body was not discovered at an abandoned warehouse in the Strip District.

Infytune: So They Say, Soul Attorneys


Lady Elaine said...

anyone taking his place on the list?

Grant St. South said...

I Can. Not. Believe. I missed this blog up to now. These "List" things are totally hilarious!

Infinonymous said...

When we can figure how to overcome a website glitch that interferes with editing the Propositions Board, the List will expand.