Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will County Provide Benefits To Domestic Partners, Or Must Gays Wait For A Democratic Executive?

The Allegheny County Human Relations Commission's most recent request that the county stick a toe in the Twenty-First Century by acknowledging that gays are human distills to a single question:

Will Dan Onorato extend benefits to county employees' domestic partners, or must those who favor equality wait until a Democrat occupies the office of Allegheny County Executive?

Tip to non-bigots: If you want help from Dan Onorato, join the North Catholic football team or buy a million-dollar house, and if you want to catch him in a smiling mood (left), you need to take him to the Duquesne Club.

Infytune: A Change Is Gonna Come, Rev. Al Green


Change Gonna Come? said...

we know, same old story, you don't like Dan Onorato (yawn)

James said...

Given that Dan couldn't even carry the heavily Democratic county in which he holds office in a statewide election says that quite a lot of people don't like Mr. Onorato, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Turns out that Danny Boy voted against domestic partner benefits in 1999 as a City Councilman.

Moreover, in 1998 he was the sole nay vote to adding gender identity and expression to a City human relations ordinance.

Progressive Democrat? Not. North Catholic football field 1. People 0.

Anonymous said...

Democrats in Allegheny County. Here is the article on Dan the man's GLBT record in Pittsburgh City Council. Not exactly a ground breaking legislator when it comes to human rights.