Friday, September 16, 2011

UPMC, Children's Hospital, And "Charity;" Why Reason When Rants Win Awards?

Taking complex issues -- such as the contours of health insurance coverage (for example, UPMC's decisions with respect to what its insurance covers and does not cover), UPMC's finances and "charitable" nature, the relationship of Children's Hospital to UPMC (and the local community), and UPMC's wholesale misappropriation of community-minded donors' kindnesses -- and carelessly reducing them to simple statements and sentiments is work for, and by, simpletons.

Hey, Toto, why do we have the feeling we're back in Haiti?

Infytune: Don't You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds
Infytune: Over My Head, Fleetwood Mac
Infytune: Africa, Toto (check Jeff Porcaro)


Anonymous said...

What I think is really reprehensible is that UPMC is sending out donation requests to elderly residents asking them for money. The requests somehow imply that UPMC is in danger of not being able to serve the future needs of the elderly if they don't fork over donation money.

This is sick.
County Councilman's Kress's proposition that the land that UPMC hospitals is located on become taxable is a no go. No only because of state statutes and case laws regarding tax exempt properties but because some of the UPMC facilities, most notably UPMC St. Margaret's are located on land that is owned by the City of Pittsburgh.

Is Mr. Kress proposing that property tax bills be sent to the City of Pittsburgh Finance Department for the City owned land on which UPMC facilities are located?

I think that it is mighty generous of the City of Pittsburgh to provide free land to a cash-flush "non-profit" like UPMC for a hospital that serves mostly Fox Chapel Area and other non-city,lower Allegheny Valley residents.

Hahse, MD said...

If you follow the link to the Pitt faculty member, an MD, who has some concerns, and then you google said faculty member, you see that he has a email. Which is why Pitt will do nothing substantial. All Jeff has to do is ask Mark and Dr. Art to stop by his office and say "Nice Med School you have there, it would be a shame if something were to happen to cause my employees to stop teaching there..."