Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidates March In Dogmatic Lockstep On Guns, God And Gays

A handful of Republican presidential candidates gathered in South Carolina yesterday to confirm that their lockstop devotion to right-wing dogma makes a Republican candidate the right choice for every American who
  • is convinced that America's three biggest problems are public employees, science, and gays;

  • is comfortable with torture but not with expanded access to healthcare;

  • considers evolution a Satanic plot;

  • fixates on deficits (but not on who or what generated them);

  • is among the minority of Americans who believe that most of their countrymen are cold-blooded killers for tolerating morning after pills;

  • figures George W. Bush was a decent enough leader but might have been a bit too intellectual; and

  • believes there is nothing wrong with America that more guns, tax cuts (particularly for the wealthy), and superstition can't fix
but for no others.

You can't blend religious nanny-state scolds (social conservatives) with educated, small-government pragmatists (fiscal conservatives), season that mixture with plenty of warmongering (militaristic conservatives), and expect a coherent result.

Infytune: Bizarre Love Triangle, New Order


Vannevar said...

If I may, I read this today: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult, and it seemed a worthwhile read on the original topic. Cheers, V.

Infinonymous said...

We had already bookmarked it, figuring we would try to get some background on the author tomorrow. Thanks for the pointer.

James said...

It's a worthwhile and informative article.