Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Saga Of James Richard Verone (Who's A Guy Gotta Rob To Get Chemo Around Here?)

One important reason to discount the efforts and assertions of those who decry the Affordable Care Act is that the would-be dismantlers of ObamaCare* neither acknowledge nor address the unsustainable trajectory of the current American health care system.

James Richard Verone (left) recognized the problem, and has attempted to address it.

* Republicans who currently use the term "ObamaCare" in derision seem destined to begin complaining in a few years that Democrats derive unfair political advantage from having Pres. Obama's name attached to a popular program that relies on conservatives' tax dollars, too.

Infytune: Take The Money And Run, Steve Miller Band


Anonymous said...

sad sad story

Vannevar said...
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Vannevar said...

Corporations and the millionaires are thriving. Taxpayers (and there's very little overlap between "corporations/ millionaires" and "taxpayers") are overwhelmed by the costs of prisons and health care.

Connect the dots.

Let's charge the corporations and the millionaires for our prisons and health care.

I bet they figure out ways to drive down the prison population, and to keep people healthy real fast.

Win-win. Seriously.

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JenEngland said...

How long until someone suggests the answer to this situation is that we stop providing prisoners with health care?

James said...

Jen, we live in a world in which teachers are vilified for making too much by the same people who claim to be "barely getting by" on $250,000 a year. I give it about 5 minutes.

Maria Lupinacci said...

How long until someone suggests the answer to this situation is that we stop providing prisoners with health care?

I was reading some of the comments to the article the other day and, believe me, people were already suggesting that.


Shawn Carter said...

Infy -

Unfortunately for this guy, if this is the same story I heard on the radio is that he didn't steal enough money to get real jail time.

What he did won't get him enough jail time.

What a sad story indeed.

Infinonymous said...

Thank you for the apparent "he might have not committed a nasty enough crime" angle, Shawn. We had foolishly assumed this one could not sink any lower.

It might be an apt reflection of the absurd elements of our current health care system were Mr. Verone required to commit a more serious, perhaps violent, crime to obtain adequate medical assistance.

It seemed bank robbery would do the trick but, if another episode is required, Mr. Verone might wish to try robbing a mail carrier of some advertising circulars, using an unloaded gun. Federal crimes, probably invoking mandatory sentences.

Let us hope the system is improved before Mr. Verone must strike again.