Monday, June 6, 2011

Fox News Always Goes With The Looker (Unfortunately For Palin, Tina > Sarah)

Sure, we have poked the Post-Gazetteers periodically (although not fanatically; we were silent, for example, when they recently decorated a story about Peabody High graduates with a shout-out to former Pirates pitcher John Tudor, pride of Peabody . . . Massachusetts).

Our jabs at the P-G are (mostly) intended to be good-natured; the Post-Gazette attempts to produce a responsible newspaper.

Our pokes at Fox News, however, are rooted in disdain. That makes this a two-fer:

Fox News Displays Picture Of Tina Fey In News Report On Sarah Palin

Infytune: She's A Beauty, The Tubes (blooper version)
Infytune: She's A Beauty, The Tubes

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