Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pittsburgh Firefighters Maintain 'Fighter' Designation Even After Their Retirement From The 'Fires' Part

Did anyone expect retirement (at age 39) to prevent guys such as Marc Vrane from contributing to the steady pace at which InsolvenCity firefighters are arrested for violent crimes while inebriated?

To the untrained eye, Mr. Vrane's position -- target of an arrest warrant for attacking paramedics and police officers responding to a reported overdose -- may look troublesome, but the experienced observer understands that this situation is unlikely to be anything firefighters leader Joe King, magistrate Ronald Costa and similarly situated hands (some wearing North Catholic rings?) can not handle.

Infinonymous: Burning Love, Elvis Presley (King's rings version)


Anonymous said...

Retirement at age 39? I obviously made the wrong career choice.

Anonymous said...

You weren't there. You shouldn't comment on something that you absolutely know nothing about. You don't have the facts. It's typical for our media to stir the pot, create chaos, and make absurd, unjustified comments on situations without checking or seeking out the truth before print. Your article is a good example of Slander. Get your facts straight before shooting off at the mouth or blog.
Friends of Marc Vrane

Infinonymous said...

Dear Friends:

Our points were (1) yet another InsolvenCity firefighter (this one retired and relatively young) has been arrested for misconduct while inebriated and (2) predecessors were handled too gently, under sketchy circumstances. With which point do you disagree?

If you were there, please provide an account of the relevant events (and perhaps an explanation of why, in general, Pittsburgh firefighters have presented as antisocial criminals with such remarkable frequency).

Otherwise, we suggest you research "slander" and study capitalization.


Anonymous said...

hes suing the city and others it wasnt a overdose he had a seizure they thought a overdose because of the pain meds he was prescribed they shot him up 4 times with narcan way too many times and everyone knows what that does to the body you would be bouncing off walls too thats like taking 50 hits of crack his adreneline was through the roof and on top of it all poor marc took a stroke cause of all the narcan.

Anonymous said...

The friends and family of Marc Vrane are all losers. You all keep enabling him by doing nothing and pretending he has no problems. You don't live on Brandon Rd and see the BS this addict puts his neighbors through. Him and his girlfriend Jess should pay the city what it cost the taxpayers for the emergency services that responded. Even after being attacked his girlfriend Jess still resides in his house, and has even brought another female friend to live there. So instead of cleaning up her life and putting distance between her and Vrane, she remains in his home. So to all those who think Marc Vrane and his girlfriend are good people who are missed understood, grow up and face the facts. The man is a complete loser, which is why his ex-wife Michelle divorced him. I feel so sorry for his son who shares his name.

Anonymous said...

Overdose my eye. And for those "friends", why aren't you helping him then. The entire neighborhood listen to him and his girlfriend argue over their heroin usage, asks neighbors if they want to get high, awaken the neighborhood on a regular basis being drunk and high. They scream and fight, hit each other, throw things out windows and in their yard. He wrecks into neighbors cars. He sist in his truck and listens to music so loud that it rattles windows of houses on all sides of his house. Try being up half the night with the SWAT Team closing off your street because he had a BB gun and wouldn't come out. Yes, he threatened his own life and others outside...and he knew the entire time what he was doing. He's good at playing the "mental instability" angle for his disability and now retirement. His actions have casued major havoc on two streets and over 30 homes. We all fear for our own well-being. He's a menance to society yet people like his parents and siblings continue to enable him so that he can sit home all day and enjoy his illegal drugs and claim he "forgot to take his meds". Live in this neighborhood and then see how fast you defend his actions. YOU dont know the whole story.