Sunday, June 26, 2011

Margaret Poplawski: Still Not Scum, But Only Because Scum Is Higher On Evolution's Ladder

Two women are attempting to assist Richard Poplawski.

One is Lisa Middleman (left), the trained, dignified, effective professional who is ably performing her assigned duty, which is to try to advance Poplawski's interests by arranging the proper result of Poplawski's trial.

The other is Margaret Poplawski (right), the sputtering, obnoxious, dysfunctional mother who appears to be hell-bent on inclining every sensible observer to wish for Richard Poplawski's execution.

Ms. Poplawski maligns her son's victims; blames a police dispatcher while ignoring her own culpability (for summoning officers without alerting them to her bulletproofed, unhinged, heavily armed son); violates a judicial order concerning entering the courtroom; accuses police of impropriety in handling her son (who appears to be in better hands during custody than he was in her care) -- and then complains of "disrespect." Pittsburgh police officers, to their credit, demonstrated more respect than either Poplawski has earned by refraining from spitting on the Poplawskis in the courthouse.

There likely is little Margaret Poplawski could do to earn our respect short of an elective, unanaesthetized tonguectomy, but we hope a flicker of lucidity enables her to recognize that her son's only hope in this world relies on a stranger while his worst enemy is his mother.

As is customary, we refrain from calling the Poplawskis scum, because that would be unfair to congealed algae.

Infytune: Family Affair, Sly and the Family Stone


JenEngland said...

Good song selection. The fact that she thinks people blame her because she loves her son speaks volumes to what she doesn't understand. I often feel some sympathy for the family of perpetrators, because they also lose a family member, plus, sometimes, deal with the terrible burden of knowing their loved one did something so terrible. (I think I'd also worry that somehow I missed a chance to stop it.) She doesn't seem to be laboring with that burden. Nor does she seem willing to examine how she might have contributed to the situation or been complicit. Shame on her is right.

Infinonymous said...

She's a pig, Jennifer. Do pigs engage in introspection? Do pigs love? Do pigs feel shame?

MH said...

I tried to get permission to test this, but the IRB won't let me force pigs to watch Two and a Half Men for long enough that the pigs might feel shame. Stupid animal cruelty laws.