Friday, June 10, 2011

InsolvenCity: A Toddler Leading A Gerontocracy

That Pittsburgh has become InsolvenCity is bad, but not nearly as frightening as this depiction of the periods (represented by presidencies) during which Pittsburgh voters were born:

(We can't couldn't find a City Paper link to Chris Briem's chart -- and, dare we hope, accompanying prose -- but the SlagMan could.)

A toddler leading a Gerontocracy through InsolvenCity. What could go wrong?

Infytune: We All Get Old, Ron Wood


JenEngland said...

Holy cow is this accurate?? Taft? TAFT??? Its actually the size of the Coolidge Hoover wedge that I find most surprising. And I have some objections that LBJ is lumped in with Kennedy. The JFK folks are MUCH older than us LBJ babies! ;)

Chris Potter said...

The link -- with text is here.

Infinonymous said...

Thanks, SlagMan, for covering our inadequacies.