Friday, April 1, 2011

Pitt Law Attracts National Attention (The Hard Way)

We customarily would be reluctant to hit someone when they're down recovering from being run over by a lunacy-guided SUV (left; Pitt News photo by Luc Felak), but the recent demonstration that Pitt has abandoned its once-admirable efforts to educate local strivers of modest means (choosing instead the profitable path of catering to rich kids who couldn't swing Penn or Swarthmore) generates an exception: Enjoy the Above The Law blog's report concerning recent events at Pitt's law school.

(Thanks to a Pitt law student for the pointer, and for this observation: 'Two weeks ago, they told us we should go out and try to find work putting flyers on windshields. I guess now they're bringing the windshields to us.').

UPDATE: A reader mentioned an improbability associated with a Tribune-Review headline -- "Woman drives SUV into Pitt law library" -- this morning; because that headline is unchanged at the dinner hour, we note that the library reportedly occupies the upper reaches of the building, and that striking the building at the third floor would have constituted a Knievel-like achievement.

Infytune: Crawling From The Wreckage, Rockpile
Infytune: Crawling From The Wreckage, Dave Edmunds (better sound)
Infytune: 10 Law School Commandments, Talented Pitt Law Student


MH said...

Unrelated: Jay Costa wants to reduce the prison population by thinking of ways to keep non-violent drug offenders out of prison. Apparently, his relatives aren't willing to adopt them all, but that would fix it.

But When I Went There said...

For this Pitt law grad, that link to the rankings was brutal. What in hell is Chancellor Nordenberg doing while the law school--where I would think he would have some pride--sinks past the mediocre level? At some point it is not about the dean or the faculty or whatever. It lands on the Chancellor's desk. And I think we have reached it.

That blog was brutal. Especially because it treats Pitt like a second class institution. But it sounds like it is deserved. Telling students the school will help them get a job putting papers on car windows? Really? Two of the nation's biggest law firms are a couple of miles away. How about graduating students those firms want to hire?

I hope other alumni read these blogs and this comment. This is ridiculous. I had no idea I should be bragging "We're #71".

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that these problems aren't limited to Duquesne Law School.

Anonymous said...

Duquesne law graduates should be thanking Infy for not linking to their school's ranking. Last I saw its ranking was "not ranked."

MH said...

Just this week, there were people putting pillars in the sidewalk to protect the Pitt Facilities people in the Eureka Building. They're always trying to block where the last car crashed and not thinking ahead to where the next car will crash.

Anonymous said...

Pitt's law library is on the third through fifth floors. Even if you drove across that walkway over Forbes I still don't think you could make it to the library in an SUV. Maybe if you drove off the top of the Towers though.

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