Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Accompaniment To A Royal Wedding

As Prince William and his long-time shack-up prepare to ride grandly -- on the backs of their countrymen -- into matrimony (least likely yet most needed gift: a moral compass), it is reported that the event will assemble the greatest concentration of monarchs and royalty within memory.

The perfect thing to bring to the wedding is therefore obvious. Something precisely fitting, and practical, with French flair suitable to the occasion: A guillotine.

Infytune: Street Fighting Man, The Rolling Stones


Maria Lupinacci said...

I saw an American woman on the news today who quit her job to go stand in the crowds for the wedding. At the very least, she should be made to go behind the chicken wire for a few years.

James said...

An 18th century solution to 21st century problems? One might almost think you were a Libertarian.

The problems we face today are not caused by modern members of the royalty, but rather the people who think they are.