Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ricky: I Love Lukey

City council member Rev. Ricky Burgess has confirmed his desire to be Luke's bitch president of Pittsburgh's City Council. The Propositions Board (far right column) is leaning toward paying Burgess tickets in the "Motznik's Successor As Luke's BFF On Council" category.

Rev. Burgess (left, with a couple of sketchy characters, plus that guy at the podium) says that, because Ravenstahl was elected by a "vast majority" of Pittsburghers, Rev. Burgess is ready to "move the city forward" through collaboration with the mayor.

I suppose a reverend, by definition, must believe in fairy tales -- but are divinity schools not permitted to teach math?

P.S. A fascinating (non-scandalous) rumor is circulating along Grant Street about that guy next to Rev. "Ricky Loves Lukey." Should have more in a day or two.

P.P.S. Could this be the type of progess that causes Rev. Burgess to propose turning council into a "Ricky Loves Lukey" show?

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Anonymous said...

Where is that presser taking place - the red room?

mees yeht tahw ton era starcomed eht