Saturday, November 7, 2009

Proud Moments In Local Government

During a public meeting featuring "shouting, interruptions, profanity, insults and, at one point, the throwing of a copy of the amendment to the floor," Allegheny County council members gathered their composure and provided the leadership for which their beleaguered constituents yearn:
Amid the arguing, the members agreed that in the future they would not vote on amendments without reading them

Lest we discount this advance, note that some local public servants seem incapable of learning anything. Today's exhibit is Urban Redevelopment Authority mouthpiece Megan Stearman, who, for a City Paper article surveying the wreckage at the former Iron City brewery, said:
"The decision to grant Iron City Brewing money to upgrade operations was still a good business decision. They had up until that point provided jobs and tax revenue for the city."

It is difficult to decide which is worst: That she is dumb enough to believe this, dumb enough to say it even if she believes it, or disingenuous enough to say it if she recognizes that it is a crock.

Lest one conclude (on ample evidence), however, that there is no adequate public servant in these parts, an antidote is provided by Dr. Bruce W. Dixon.

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Lady Elaine said...

It's like saying, "for now on, I will wipe my ass before pulling up my pants."