Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McClintock Campaign Concedes Mayoral Election

The campaign of Dr. Jonas R. McClintock issued this statement:

The campaign of Dr. Jonas R. McClintock (affectionately known as "The Boy Mayor" during his first term as Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1836-1839) has conceded that Dr. McClintock has not been elected to a second term as Mayor of Pittsburgh.

"Although it was tempting to believe that a candidate with Dr. McClintock's record and credentials would be successful against the other candidates presented," a campaign spokesman said, "it was difficult to overcome a situation in which many of Dr. McClintock's strongest supporters have been dead for more than 150 years, and the others have been dead for more than a century."

"In a perfect world, a candidate of Dr. McClintock's caliber would have been the overwhelming preference among City of Pittsburgh voters today," the spokesman continued. "But if this were a perfect world, Dr. McClintock would not be inside a cold, dark, damp box."

Dr. McClintock will not be available for comment.


Lady Elaine said...

I am sorry for your expected loss. At least rigor mortis is over.


What about Luke's dad for the prosecution? He IS a judge and all . . .

Infinonymous said...

The loss is the city's.

Thank you for the condolences.

Anonymous said...

Alas, McClintock's refusal to take a stand on urban farms may have been his undoing.

Still, he does represent change I can believe in.

McClintock 2012!

Infinonymous said...

It seems pointless and insensitive to take potshots about "taking a stand" at a guy who is prevented from standing by his coffin.