Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yinzer Admission Test: Art Section

The self-promoting parasites at VisitPittsburgh have chosen as Pittsburgh's new slogan:

1) InsolvenCity

2) BankrupCity

3) The Birthplace of Pop Culture

Hint: Truth-in-advertising laws do not necessarily apply to this promotional campaign.

EXTRA CREDIT: Connect each Infytune to the new campaign.

Infytune: Sweet Jane, Velvet Underground
Infytune: Walk On The Wild Side, Lou Reed
Infytune: Brown Sugar, The Rolling Stones (Paris 1976)


Anonymous said...

VU was Warhols band, Lou Reed was part of VU, but not sure how Stones fit in

Anonymous said...

oh and welcome back Infi

PK said...

I propose that Pittsburgh's official brand be "The City of Glomming."

Put that in your hukkah and smoke it.

Maria Lupinacci said...

RE: Extra Credit

It all comes back to Andy.

Warhol created the cover art for the Velvets' first album and for the Stones' Sticky Fingers" album. He also produced VU's first album and VU was the Factory's house band.

All the people mentioned in "Walk on the Wild Side" are Factory superstars. "Holly came from Miami, F.L.A." is a reference to Holly Woodlawn, "Candy came from out on the Island" is Candy Darling, etc.

How many bonus points do I get?

Maria Lupinacci said...

(Better "Sticky Fingers" link)

Infinonymous said...

You covered all but the final step, Maria. Andrew Warhola was credited with design of the cover of Love You Live, the album featuring that particular June 1976 performance of Brown Sugar at Les Abattoirs, Paris.

Bonus points for noting the Walk On The Wild Side lyric, the Velvet Underground's status as Factory house band, and some of the Stones-Warhol connection (including the Sticky Fingers cover, which ties Brown Sugar to Warhol).

For your reward, treat yourself to the Love You Live versions of You Can't Always Get What You Want and If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off Of My Cloud. You deserve the pleasure.

kejad said...

I'm a little late to this thread, but what's with Pittsburgh trying to claim Warhol? I mean, he grew up here, but he got the f out as soon as he left college and never looked back. If his identity is intertwined with any geography, it's the southern half of Manhattan Island. We're the birthplace of Warhol, but the place that allowed and encouraged him to play with weird new ideas was not Pittsburgh.

Any creativity and tolerance for risk in this region is centered directly on CMU (Warhol's alma mater). A lot of the new businesses and innovation in Pittsburgh comes out of there, but a lot of those firms/ideas wind up leaving Pittsburgh for more innovative/risk tolerant cities when they start looking for employees, funding, etc. Pittsburgh is where dreams fester.

Anonymous said...

Now Infi, Be real. Why, the duck would anyone wanna visit "Up Sh-t Cricksville?" Just thank yer lucky stars the bright ones at Visits didn't stumble on to that clunker (although it is kinda Bad-Boy-Pittsburgh-Kool).

Andy, the father of "pop culture" was from da' burg. That's it.

It isn't as if he was born at McGee and his parents moved to California a month later. He worked at Kaufmann's fer chrissikes. So, if I was marketing that hot property for da burg, well you know I would be waving Andy all over this place. I only wonder why it took the Visits this long to figure that one out??? Zounds! Duh?

It' 'bout time the city celebrate one of two of the world's most recognizable artists (the other is Piccasso).

They should also name the airport the "Andy Warhol International Airport"; hang a bunch of his stuff all over it (or even replicas) and andy art wallpaper in the bathrooms and boarding areas. It would become a destination in of itself - the worlds first airport & andy museum. Put some stuff on the Ft. Pitt Tunnel too. Revolving banners displaying his portraits..or something. jeez.

We are the "Birth Place of Pop" Infy, 'cause Andy was Pittsburgh or, at least, a bright facet of its oh so many weird and odd facades.